Essay on Abraham Maslow 's Self Actualization Theory

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Abraham Harold Maslow’s Self Actualization Theory

Abraham Harold Maslow was born April 1st, 1908 in Brooklyn, New York. He was the oldest of seven children. He came from a poor uneducated Jewish family, however they did believe in education. His whole life he was bullied and experienced a lot of racism and ethnic prejudice. He had no friends so books, reading, and learning became his only interest in life. He was diagnosed as mentally unstable by a psychologist as a child. He wrote in his one book "I was a little Jewish boy in the non-Jewish neighborhood. It was a little like being the first Negro enrolled in an all-white school. I was isolated and unhappy. I grew up in libraries and among books, without friends" (Hall, 1968, p. 37)
He finished his studies with a Major in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin, where he served as a chairman of the psychology department. Then later he married his first cousin Bertha in 1928, while she was still in high school. During his studies he decided to research experimental-behaviourist. He did numerous research on investigating primate dominance behaviour and sexuality.

His main influences were Professor Hulsey Carson and later one of Sigmund Freud’s early colleagues Alfred Adler. He often questioned the way other psychologists came to their conclusions and often times did not agree. Although he did not completely disagree he called his type of discipline “humanistic psychology”. Later he had two new mentors who…

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