Essay on Abraham Maslow And The Field Of Science

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Abraham Maslow was a psychologist and philosopher who immensely impacted his field of study. The field in which he focused was humanistic psychology, which can also be known as “third force” (Britannica, 2016). His ideas and thoughts are still talked about in present day and taught in psychology classes of all levels worldwide. Maslow had a way of observing things and being able to interpret them differently than other psychologists of his time (Morgan, 2012). This is partly why he had such a big impact on the field of psychology. He liked to observe people and their spirituality as well. His fresh and new way of thinking about people and events allowed him to put things together in ways that had not been previously thought of. He was a strong believer in the separation of church and state. The religious ideologies he possessed were not necessarily popular in this time period. Maslow did not believe that the church and state went hand in hand in the field of science. This perception was controversial in the fact that many people either believed in a religious power or science; there was very little in between (Maslow,1982). As he went through with his studies, he challenged religious institutions that said you could not live and grow spiritually without the help of a religion or an institution. He believed that some religious institutions were teaching without core personal religious experiences (Morgan, 2012). Maslow saw the idea of religion as peak experiences that…

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