Abraham Lincoln And The Civil War Essay

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Just after the time of the Civil War of the United States, Abraham Lincoln gave a speech that is still remembered to this day. This speech was called the Gettysburg, and it was the beginning of many attempts from President Lincoln to bring unity back to our broken country. It was not going to be an easy road because of the divide the Civil War put on our country, but it was of utmost importance. Since the time United States had gained its independence, it struggled with whether or not to abolish slavery. In the South especially slavery was a necessity if one wanted to be successful and wealthy. It was similar in the North, except there was not as much of a need for it because there were more cities and less farmland. These differences put a natural divide in our country and made it difficult for good relationships between the two areas. Because of these differences, our country had a tension that led to an inevitable boiling point. There were many factors that led to the splitting of the Union and the Confederacy. There was the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, which made it a felony for any federal official to fail to arrest a runaway slave. This put Northern abolitionists against their own will. The were forced to put runaways back into the harsh environment of slavery. There was also the writing and publishing of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. This book, which was a nearly immediate bestseller, had a huge impact on how Northerners viewed slavery. It opened their eyes to the harshness…

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