Essay Abortion Is The Premature Termination Of A Pregnancy

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Abortion is the premature termination of a pregnancy. There are a multitude of procedures a woman can have done in order to remove or destroy the growing fetus inside of her womb. Many pro-choice activists believe that the fetus is not yet a living organism because it cannot survive on its own. They argue that because no one is able to determine when life begins, no one is able to dictate whether or not a woman can prematurely end her pregnancy. Specific reasons that a woman may consent to an abortion include, but are not limited to: young age, new career, insufficient finances, health of mother or fetus, and so on. Another defense one might use is the right to privacy. This is the idea that everyone has a right over his or her body. This is often seen as a civil rights issue. Those who support abortion usually do so because they hold to a secularist worldview, which minimizes the value of human life by seeing it as just one more cosmic accident, and it has no greater purpose. They hold to belief where there are no absolutes, and morality is relative. Therefore, if a woman feels the need to get an abortion, she should get one. It is society’s attempt to correct one of the most severe mistakes, an unwanted pregnancy, by attempting to play God. According to a Biblical worldview, an abortion is an incorrect and unjust practice. Christians believe that life begins at conception, which is when the sperm meets the ovum. For years secular scientists doubted this theory in favor of…

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