Aboriginals Marginalised in Today's Society Essay example

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Indigenous Australians marginalized in today’s society
Archaeologists believe that aboriginals first came to Australia about 45, 000 years ago and were the only population of humans in Australia until the British invasion. There are about 500 different aboriginal groups each with their own language and territory and usually made up of several separate clans. The aboriginals of Australia are marginalised in today society. This marginalisation began right back during the British invasion where they were evicted from their own country, the stolen generation occurred and their health care, education, employment and housing was severely limited. Aboriginals generally live in poor conditions and choose unhealthy lifestyle choices
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Although there has been slight improvement over the years there are still major concerns in regards the aboriginal students low retention rate and high rates of absences. Still the past effects the indigenous people for the elders in families are wary of European education and negative attitudes towards education are shared among communities.
Unfortunately because of the low education standards of the aboriginal people have led to very high unemployment rate amongst them. 48% of aboriginals aged 15-64 are unemployed. 63% of Aboriginal Australians say that inadequate training and qualifications is a barrier to gaining employment, while 47% say they don’t have a good understanding of the rules of the workplace. Although the government has funded Indigenous employment programs there is still more to achieve. Skills need to be taught, social attitudes need to be altered and more community effort needs to be made so that unemployment does not become a condition that is continually passed through the generations.
Law and justice
With high levels of alcohol and substance abuse, lack of essential services, high unemployment rates, low levels of education and child abuse comes a high rate of crime within the aboriginal communities. Aboriginal people are up to 20 times more likely to commit a violent crime than the rest of the

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