Aboriginal Land Rights Is The Return Of The Land Essay

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Aboriginal land rights is the return of the land which was unfairly taken from them on the original settlement of Australia.Eddie koiki Mabo fought against this and tried to save the meriam islands from the Queensland government who tried to deny them use of their own lands Mabo was strongly against this as his people had been there longer then anyone could remember. He claimed they had lived in permanent communities and had their own political and social organisations in their community.

The qld government began to try and take over the native Aboriginals way of life on mer island.But Mabo felt so strongly on this issue that he lead a court case trying to deny the government any chance of taking their land but the case also aimed to allow other aboriginal and torres strait islanders to claim native title over their traditional land.He played such a large role in this that the case was named after him.His main argument was that him and his people had inhabited this land longer than anyone there could remember.” we hand it down from father to son how can we not own it ?”(Eddie Mabo)This is a quote from Mabo where he states that that his people own the land now and always have owned the land and that there is no reason that they should have it taken from them.

For the traditional owners to stop the QLD government from taking their land they had to show precedent set which means they had to prove habitation or use of the land in order to stop it from being taken from them.…

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