Aboriginal Culture : The Medicine Wheel Essay

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Aboriginal culture plays a very large role in the province of Saskatchewan. There are the Metis people, the non-status indian groups, and many others scattered not only throughout the province, but the entire country. With many Aboriginal cultures come many symbols, some of which may mean something different to each aboriginal group. One symbol that has been found scattered across Saskatchewan and can have multiple meanings is the Medicine wheel. Through history the meanings may have been altered for a better understanding, and the meaning once again is understood differently by each aboriginal group. Some people can glance at the Medicine wheel and have a full understanding of what it means, where others may need a full explanation. The Medicine Wheel has several different meanings, but in general it is a symbol that is used for guidance throughout life. With each quadrant comes a different meaning. The wheel has only four quadrants and this is due to the fact that, in the aboriginal culture, the number four is a very significant number. The number four represents the four seasons: summer, fall, winter and spring. It represents north, south, east and west, and it can also represent the four quadrants of the heart along with several other representation of the number four. It is easy to understand why four sections were chosen to be incorporated into the wheel. In order to maintain a feeling of wholeness in life, all four of these quadrants need to be acknowledged. This…

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