Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islanders Essay example

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Since 1918, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (ATSI) have achieved a great deal of change in both political and social ways, though it was not without struggle. Many of these achievements are obtained from several events, such as the Mabo Decision which was the long battle that lead to the recognition of Aboriginal land rights. Other events also contributed, such as the long process of reconciling the relationships between ATSI peoples and Australians and the Bringing Them Home Report which helped lead to the Apology. All of these events are important in Aboriginal culture as they all inspired change in the Australian community.

The Mabo Decision was the goal to overturn the idea of Terra Nullius so that Aboriginal peoples would be recognised as the traditional owners of Murray Island, as the British had completely ignored the rights of the Aboriginals when Australia was colonised. The Mer Islanders decided that they would be the ones to challenge the principle of Terra Nullius in a legal setting. Eddie Mabo told a speech in 1981 at James Cook University about his people 's rights and ownership, where it was overheard by a lawyer who asked Mabo if he would like to take the case to court. In 1982, the issue was taken to court but led to nowhere. Due to that fact, in the same year the issue was escalated to being taken to the High Court of Australia. The case then ran for ten years.On June 3rd, 1992, the High Court decided that Terra Nullius should no longer be applied…

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