Essay on Abolitionist Movements And The Feminist Movement

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A player in both abolitionist movements and the feminist movement was Englishwoman Francis Wright. She used the utopian ideas of Charles Fourier and Mary Wollstonecraft’s equality thoughts towards anti-slavery. “Wright published A Plan for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery in the United States without Danger of Loss to the Citizens of the South, a pamphlet in which she proposed that the U.S government create Owenite slave plantations where profits would go to the purchase of the slaves’ freedom” which proves how one group’s fight for equality helped create ideas and plans for another. She even went to establish a community like this in Memphis, Tennessee called Nashoba. Sadly it never prospered and she returned to England. She went on to do speeches promoting “ …women’s rights, attacked the proslavery leanings of the American clergy, and broke the taboo against women speaking in public.”
The women’s unions tried to get their equality at first with petitions and were very law abiding. This eventually changed into a more passionate movement when it started to lose momentum and two women took a stand at a speech and refused to sit down until they were answered. After this show of dedication for what they wanted the unions gained more members and support. Emmeline Pankhurst was a major player in this new way of gaining suffrage. In a speech called “Why We are Militant” she pointed out the fact that the men across the globe gained their suffrage through violence and the…

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