Pro Capital Punishment

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Throughout American history the death penalty has been used in almost every corner of the United States. It has been used to punish the wicked and mentally unstable for hundreds of years. The death penalty is a quick, socially acceptable, population reducing and effective method of execution for criminals. This essay will cover five specific topics which are: euthanasia if crime is serious, if found guilty of serious crime capital punishment is required, populations of prisons would be reduced, cheaper than life in prison and if a killer kills someone then death should be the consequence. The death penalty is an important matter to talk about because no matter where in the world you are, there are always going to be people who do not deserve …show more content…
This way, the criminal would then realize the severity of his actions and would pay for whatever he/she had done. Many believe that the “risk of a person being wrongly accused is almost nonexistent and is just an argument that opponents of the death penalty use to abolish the death penalty” (Kenneth 2005). “Supporters of the death penalty emphasize that opponents can’t prove that someone in modern time who was executed was actually innocent” (Kenneth 2005). On November 18 1998, Robin Lovitt was tried and sentenced to death on the count of murder (Kenneth 2005). Prosecutors said that an officer had “thrown away evidence [in a very intentional way]” which caused Lovitt to go back to court because of this solid piece of evidence that might have been the murder weapon which needed to be tested for DNA (Kenneth 2005). The court had said that the murder weapon was not needed because a witness said that “he was 80% sure he saw Lovitt” (Kenneth 2005). So the court still ruled Lovitt guilty of murder even without the murder weapon being inspected for any trace of Lovitt’s DNA on …show more content…
The worse crime should get the highest punishment because if he killer didn’t get punished then our gov’t wouldn’t be serving its country of protecting its people. The worse the crime then no question about it that the assailant should get the worst possible consequence (Gold 2012). Capital punishment is the result for a human life being sacrificed. If a murderer didn’t receive the death penalty then it would fail the importance of our laws and social morality (Gold 2012). In our society today, citizens see murder as something disgusting and as an act that goes against everyone’s morality. This is because we all live together and by seeing someone dead we all expect justice to be served and a criminal to be blamed for such a serious offence. Some crimes are not as serious as others, but if we want our society to continue running the way that it is we can’t have murders everywhere which is why we must do to them what they have done unto

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