Essay about Abnormal Behavior And Its Effect On Society

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According to the textbook, abnormal behavior is defined as "behavior, thoughts, and emotions that differ from society 's subjective idea of "proper functioning" and "normality." To me, western society in particular subjectively defines and categorizes what is "proper functioning" in ways that strictly adheres to and maintains the heteropatriarchal social order, as a way to control and censor people 's ' behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. Any sign of one straying from, denying, or defying this highly maintained social order that specifically privileges certain groups, is threatening to this calculated system. Therefore, those in power believe that this is a sign of abnormality, and thus, must be ceased by those hierarchically superior to avoid chaos, uncomfortableness, and shifting of power among those within the system. Abnormal behavior is simply behavior that society does not considered normal, however, their idea of normal and a society 's norms are constantly changing based on changes in culture, technology, and other environmental influences. It is also important to ask who is defining what and who is normal and abnormal, and why certain behaviors, thoughts, and emotions define an entire person and their being, because often times those defining these individuals and their behaviors are those in power, as a result of a judgmental and prejudice society. Therefore, behavior, thoughts, or emotions that are deviant, distressing, dysfunctional, or dangerous to these…

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