Essay On Psychological Abandonment

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Abandonment is an act of giving up your rights, interest, or ownership without reclaiming it. It can be either a person or a property that someone truly values. There are two types of abandonment: psychological or physical (, 2007).
Psychological abandonment refers to the feeling of indifference or lack of intimacy which is focused on the emotions of a certain individual. Physical abandonment occurs when there is a person choosing to end an existing relationship with someone. This type of abandonment is where the presence of such person is removed.
Abandonment happens on a person to person basis, although mostly some are unintentional when one is unable to form a bond or maintain a relationship with another.
There is
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It can be influenced by many different reasons like poverty, inability to accept responsibility, or selflessness. It can be connected to fear because once a person feels scared of losing another then they may abandon them for the sake of saving which is an altruistic behavior.
There are some cases where abandonment affects a person’s life and makes them incapable of making proper decisions after. The impact of abandonment is more likely to depend on the psychological wounds of a person and the greater the wound the greater the impact. If the abandonment is impulsive or unplanned it will hurt more and may promote self-neglect, avoidance of relationships and addiction, while if it’s planned or foreseen then there might be a slight preparedness but not on the emotional state of a person.
Both kinds of abandonment will give pain in a person’s life. Although, the one who is doing the abandoning may feel significant feelings of regret, guilt, shame, relief, frustration and remorse at some point in time. A perspective of the person who gave up his/her claim cannot be clearly seen up until the issue has a known reason publicly, but if it stays private then anxiety will enter that person’s

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