Aaron Green Nursing Case Study

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As per your request, I have reviewed Aaron Green’s medical care rendered from 4/29/15 to 6/10/15 to determine if Mr. Green would have been a candidate for drugs to combat his stroke if he had received medical care sooner. Signs and symptoms of stroke include sudden numbness or weakness in the face, arm, or leg, especially on one side of the body, confusion, trouble speaking, or difficulty understanding speech, trouble seeing in one or both eyes, trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance, or lack of coordination, or a sudden severe headache with no known cause. The risk factors for stroke include hypertension, cigarette smoking, heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol imbalance, inactivity and obesity. During a stroke every minute counts, requiring fast treatment to reduce the …show more content…
On 4/29/15, Mr. Green smashed his index finger under a cement pipe while at work. Subsequent, to injuring his finger, he became pale, sweaty and passed out while at work. His employer called his wife and she picked him up from work. While at home, making his lunch, Mr. Green passed out again, which prompted his wife to call EMS (emergency medical service). On 4/29/15 at 1:32 pm, EMS brought Mr. Green to the emergency department of Saint Francis Hospital.

On 4/29/15 at 1:32 pm, RN Arnold documented that Mr. Green had a chief complaint of syncope just prior to falling and bumping into the wall. RN Arnold documented Mr. Green’s last seen normal was 30 minutes ago and Mr. Green had left-sided hemiparesis (weakness on one side of the body).

On 4/29/15 at 2:07 pm, RN Paul documented that EMS reported at 13:00 Mr. Green was talking with his family when he developed a sudden onset of left-sided weakness and started leaning to the left and fell. Mr. Green stated he was light-headed, but he denied LOC (loss of

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