A2 History Coursework Essay examples

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A2 History Coursework
Using these four passages and your own knowledge, asses the view that international diplomacy failed to achieve stability in Europe from 1919 to 1930.
According to most of the interpretations, international diplomacy wasn’t the reason to why there was stability in Europe between 1919 to 1930. After the First World War many countries were unstable and economically drained. However the League of Nations and the Treaty of Versailles were put in place to make sure that another war would not occur again and that Germany pays for the First World War.
According to interpretation D, the American historian Donald Kagan agrees with the statement that international diplomacy failed to achieve stability in Europe. This is
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Kagan clearly explains to us that he believes that international diplomacy failed to achieve stability in Europe as each country was dealing with what was going internally rather than Europe.
On September 1929, Briand wanted to make an economic, political and social union because France could clearly see that The Treaty of Versailles was now ‘dissolving’ and that Germany wasn’t following it so therefore they needed another way in which seemed beneficial for everyone but also they could tightly regulate Germany as they were becoming powerful very quickly which agrees with interpretation D, this made France panic leading them to find a solution. Moreover France didn’t just want an economical union instead they wanted it to also be social and political. ‘Briand attempted to enmesh Germany in a new web of European integration’ this was Frances way on keeping an eye on Germany. The French thought that the idea of interdependence meaning everyone relying on each other this would create a multi polar world and that all states would have equal power eliminating war as an option. Interpretation B likewise to interpretation D also agrees that international diplomacy was a failure. Sally Marks the historian agrees with Kagan in the sense that they both say that the treaty of Versailles and League of Nations all the organisations which made to bring international relationship and to impose stability

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