Essay about A Yellow Raft On Blue Water

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A Yellow Raft on Blue Water Essay
There are many times in life when we force our relationships even though there is no compatibility. In the novel, A Yellow Raft on Blue Water, the author, Michael Dorris creates a story revolved around the life of three female protagonists of Native American descent, and the narration is provided by three different, troubled characters. One of narrators, Christine, describes struggles she faces from balancing the relationships she has with herself, her daughter, and the only mother she’s ever known. Throughout her section, she expresses her dissatisfaction with the disconnection she feels with them even though she tries her best to get on their good side. A contribution to these wrecked relationships may be her strong views and misinterpreted and misguided intentions. Although, she thinks she is only trying her best to please them, her personality and values clash with theirs and create rifts in the relationships. Through the use of word voice, the author creates a unique personality and voice for each character and a better understanding of the dissonance among these characters. Christine’s voice comes to life and is portrayed through the bold, harsh words the author uses to form her retorts and insults. As a young-teenage girl, Christine is worried about her looks; she describes herself as having the “face of a squirrel hoarding nuts in the winter” (143). Comparing herself to a rodent, her harsh descriptions of herself reveal that she is…

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