Symbolism In Eudora Welty's A Worn Path

Symbolism is expressed in artistic and poetic movement or style using symbolic images and indirect suggestion to express mystical ideas, and emotions. Symbolism is explaining what the main purpose and reason behind every detail of each symbol in many different ways. For example, the cake, the hunter and many other things are symbols that represent something more in the story than their simple meaning. Elderly old women named Phoenix Jackson. She has vision problems and her old age; still she needs to walk from her home to the city. For a medicine that is needed for her grandson. When the grandson was 4 years old he swallowed lye. His throat was harmed and the medicine is the only thing …show more content…
According to the article “Megaessay” the character is “An elderly black woman named Phoenix Jackson”. Given us to conclude she’s a mom or grandma of somebody because she’s elderly in age. Phoenix Jackson also symbolize she’s a caring person. As the article “megaessay”says “Because of her fearless efforts and love for her grandson …”.This demonstrate that Jackson cares a lot for his grandson. This is because that the only family she has left to care off. Additionally, Jackson symbolizes jesus it reveal by the article “Scholar advisor” it clearly declares “What it implies is that the way Jesus made sacrifice for his sons” (2). Meaning how Jackson with her old age still manages to go and get the medicine. Leading that Jackson also represent salvation according to the article “scholar advisor” by saying “the old lady sacrifice her happiness for her grandson” (2). Phoenix would have love stay at her lovely home for the rest of her days. Still, she didn’t and went on as far to the medicine that would save his grandson ill throat. Phoenix did the journey many other times for the salvation of his ill grandson. This is not in vain because the grandson is a symbol of resuscitation for Phoenix Jackson. “Echeat” explains “Her grandson represent the next Phoenix that will be given life when she dies”. Literary Jackson will not revive after she dies it means she will be remember by her

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