Essay about A Worn Path By Eudora Welty

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One is to analyze the “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty that narrates of the old black woman who has to walk through the fields in order to achieve the medicine for the grandchild (Stang). It was written in 1940 and published - in 1941 (Stang). Besides, one has to mention that in Eudora Welty`s “A Worn Path”, Phoenix Jackson - the main character - undergoes all six stages of the hero`s quest: statis, answering the call, experiencing complications, finding allies, achieving a breakthrough and celebrating victory.
Phoenix Jackson`s statis occurs with the pre-existing condition of her grandson who has swallowed lye, the reason Phoenix makes regular visits to town. One cannot but mention that the woman is almost blind; however, she starts her way to the medical clinic that situated far away from her home in Natchez - Mississippi. She knows the road not with the help of her eyes, but by her heart as she has already made a great number of trips there. It is a matter of the fact that her grandson suffers from this illness for several years and; thus, the great power of love makes the old woman walk to the clinic in the middle of cold December (Welty). Thus, the illness of the grandson is the pre-condition of the first stage of hero`s quest.
At the beginning of the story, Phoenix has already responded to the call to adventure. As soon as the woman finds herself on the familiar road, her trip begins. One is to state that it is the call to the unknown that seems to be the second stage.…

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