Essay on A World Class Education By Vivien Stewart

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Chapter 3 of the book A World-Class Education written by Vivien Stewart discusses the common elements of successful education systems. Stewart (2012) explained that countries like Finland, South Korea, Singapore and Canada are the top leaders in education because of eight elements of their education systems. The eight elements are: vision and leadership, ambitious standards, commitment to equity, high quality teachers and leaders, alignment and coherence management and accountability, student motivation and global and future orientation. Stewart (2012) also explained why the education system in the U.S are not doing as well based on the eight common elements.

In countries that have a successful education system, their schools are intertwined in their societies and economies. Furthermore, their political and societal leaders recognize and understand the importance in investing in education for their country’s economic development (Stewart, 2012, p.80). There leaders also have “a sense of moral purpose about the need to deal with inequities and promote a more just society” (Stewart, 2012, p.80). For example, in China, the government saw education as a way get many people out of poverty, and is working towards turning the entire country into a middle-class society. Overall, the leaders in this country realize the importance of education for the function of their society, and established a clear vision to guide their education system (Stewart, 2012).

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