Essay on A Women's Guide to Strength Training

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A Woman’s Guide to Muscle and Strength
Women of all ages can benefit from strength training. The once hesitant attitude women have had has decreased as the rise of women who have experienced the incredible benefits of weight training has increased. Some of these benefits include leaner bodies, definition of muscles, stronger bones, and increased muscle strength and endurance.
Weight training helps build stronger muscles by adding resistance to movements to make them more difficult. Because of this resistance, the muscles rebuild themselves bigger and stronger. Having stronger muscles allows women of all ages to do normal, everyday activities with more ease and for longer periods of time. Lifting heavy objects become easier and
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I have been a physical education teacher for 13 years. Before I became a teacher, sports had always played a big part in my life, so I have been involved in various types of physical activities for the majority of my life. One of the most ridiculous myths about women and strength training is that they will become too bulky and unfeminine if they lift heavier weights. One reason this is not true is because women have less testosterone circulating throughout their bodies. Testosterone plays a role in developing bigger muscles. Women also have smaller muscle fibers and less muscle fibers than men do and therefore don’t see an increase in muscle size the way men can. Women can increase their muscle strength through strength training, but the noticeable size increase will be much smaller than men.
Another myth I have dealt with a lot is the belief that people can spot reduce. When exercising you burn calories and reduce the general amount of fat throughout your body. It seems that a lot of people believe that if they do exercises specific to their abdominals that they will shrink their belly fat. You can always strengthen the muscles through resistance training and aerobics, but that doesn’t mean you will shrink the amount of fat cells in that specific area.
Before starting a strength training program it is wise to assess your current strength. This will allow you to optimize

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