A Woman 's Place By Sheryl Sandberg Essay example

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Being a minority race, such as an African -American is a complicated mix that is further strained by the geographic area. Depending on where you live, being a minority can influence and strain an individual’s identity. In the article written by Sheryl Sandberg, “A Woman’s Place,” she explores the difficulties between being a minority in the city of Silicon Valley. Similarly, in Somini Sengupta’s article, “ Why is Everyone so focused on Zuckerberg’s Hoodie?” he also examines how being a minority in a specific place affects how a person is treated and expected to act. Since an identity is not a stable part of a person, these factors dictate the mindset a person takes through their lives and presents many challenges. In certain geographic locations being part of the minority affects your mindset. For example, in Sandberg’s article, she speaks about being a female executive in Silicon Valley. She is a minority in that setting because there are not a lot of women engineers in the United States, which is shown in the quote, “ One reason there are few female executives in Silicon Valley is that few women become engineers. In the United States, less than twenty per cent of engineering and computer-science majors are women. Girls are said to think that software and video games and computer programming are for guys. (Sandberg).” Being an engineer is seen as a masculine thing to do, so there are not many females who do it. Because of the disproportionate amount of women engineers…

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