Essay on A Woman 's Place By Chinua Achebe

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A Woman’s Place A god’s wrath, and a mother’s embrace. Two constructs that exist on opposite sides of our minds, and yet each holds equal power in regard to our existence in it’s own right. The wrath of a god is overwhelming, omnipotent, and everlasting. A mother’s warm embrace, holding you close and granting the feeling of protection, and the undying love of a woman who would do anything for her darling child. To the Ibo people, these two concepts, however different they may be are both fulfilled by the women who inhabit their villages. Throughout Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, the role of women is met with some ambiguity due to a facade of blatant oppression and abuse. Though women in the Ibo culture are proven to be some of the most crucial and influential people within the tribe. Perhaps the most obvious display of feminine power within Things Fall Apart is the position of women in religion. The majority of daily operations rely on religious acceptance and belief systems all of which is provided by the multitude of priestesses, and goddesses alike.. While reminiscing, Okonkwo recalls the priestess from the time of his childhood, “she was full of power of her god, and she was greatly feared” (Achebe 17). Even the powerful men hailed as heroes feared this woman for her power. Not only does this show some level of respect, it represents the overall power that women hold within the tribe. Additionally, the goddess of Earth, Ani whom affects the tribal members more than…

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