Essay about A Woman 's Correctional Facility

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In a women’s correctional facility we come across multiple type of concepts that create the correctional system. The women create the subculture in the system due to their natural instinct of wanting to be a nurturer and united. The women serving their time also require special medical needs that involve attention for pregnancies, mental health problems and any else corresponding to cancer or issues with hormones. However, without the prison staff, including the warden, the correctional officers and the counselors, the women wouldn’t be guided to rehabilitation so they can correct their actions and lower their recidivism rate. Whether you’re serving time or working for the correctional facility, exchange relationships are built amongst the prisoners and officers throughout their interactions with negations and their acceptance on severe rules. Although there are strong relationships built in the facilities, prison violence may still occur on a daily basis whether it’s minor or extreme. Due to the prison violence, the disciplinary process is treated with a specific type of consequences that allows them to regulate their actions. The norms of the concepts influences the system along with culture that is followed by the correctional facility to facilitate operations and purposes of corrections.
The subculture in women’s correctional facilities relates so much to the actions that were taken in Orange is the New Black. Throughout the women’s facilities pseudo-families were…

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