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Happiness: A Widely Misunderstood Feeling Happiness is a diverse subject with innumerable topics. I will be discussing several questions that go along with happiness, but there is one main question that I 'd like to examine. How do cultural attributes and social issues impact happiness? Although some people will argue that cultures do not affect happiness as much as social issues, I strongly believe that how you are raised and the culture you are brought up in changes your desires and drives for happiness. Our desire for happiness can be overwhelming at times. Some people become so entwined in trying to find happiness, that they forget to actually be happy. Individuals who spend their entire lives trying to grasp happiness, often don 't find it. When they do not find happiness, they feel a major loss. “Which means that somehow -- consciously or not, directly or indirectly, in the short or the long term, whatever we do, whatever we hope, whatever we dream -- somehow, is related to a deep, profound desire for well-being or happiness” (Ricard, TED). One look at American society will show us just how much media can affect our happiness. Teenagers are constantly bombarded by advertisements. Girls often try and achieve what they view as perfect; the skinny blonde model. The look of those models are often …show more content…
It 's gratefulness that makes us happy” (Steindl-Rast, TED). If you look at cultures all over the world, you will see that most exhibit happiness. Even when the people only have a small amount of personal possessions. This is because they are grateful for everything they have. I believe larger societies such as America are unhappy because we are never grateful for what we have, we always yearn for more. “A grateful world is a world of joyful people. Grateful people are joyful people, and joyful people, the more and more joyful people there are, the more and more we 'll have a joyful world” (Steindl-Rast,

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