A Whole New World Essay

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A Whole New World A book and a film are two different works that people use to escape the real world. These works offer the audience an escape as well as an appeal to one’s desire. When reading a book, the reader gets every piece of detail and can see the mood and tone change within the author’s words, the reader gets to see the story the way they wanted it to happen. When watching a film, the audience see the book come to life from the director’s point of view which usually leaves the audience unsatisfied. A book gives meticulous details about the story’s setting, tone, mood, and conflict while the film goes over the main scenes with indistinct detail. William Faulkner’s “Barn Burning” does just that; the book gives vivid detail about every aspect in the book while the film leaves out of account the scenes that are trivial to the story. William Faulkner’s diction in “Barn Burning” sets the foundation for the main conflict while the visual image is diametrically opposed. William Faulkner’s diction in “Barn Burning” sets up the tone of the story; the words he uses are harsh and ill-mannered to show Abner’s insensitivity and his inability to be sympathetic towards his family and society. When the author opens the first scene in the general store, he does something that the director, Peter Werner, fails to do- he describes the setting and the tension in the air when he speaks about the “smell” and “sense of fear” in the general store (Faulkner 2188). This…

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