A Wall Of Fire Rising Analysis

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Edwidge Danticat is a Haitian author who wrote a book called ''Krik Krak''. It is a story that ''encompass both the cruelties and the high ideals of Haitian life. They tell of women who continue loving behind prison walls; of a people who resist the brutality of their rulers through the powers of imagination''. The book is very depressing and terrifying. It tells nine different stories of struggles within the Haitian community and how the people lose faith and how they deal with their situations.Danticat utilizes juxtaposition to create fascinating characters that in return create a sense of amazement.

In the story “Night Women”,the mother,a fascinating woman, is a prostitute because she has no money to support herself and her son. She hates her job but has no other choice. “Tonight I am much older than the twenty five years i have lived. The night is the time i dread most in my life . Yet if I am to live I must depend on it”(Danticat 83). It is surprising that the mother would do such a thing in the same room as her son while he is sleeping. “My son’s bed stays nestled against the corner far from the peaking jalousies. I watch as he digs furrow in the pillow with his head” (Danticat 83). She obviously knows it is wrong doing this
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At first it seems fascinating since the crowd was amazed when they saw him the hot air balloon. “From the field behind the sugar mill a group of workers were watching the balloon float in the air. Many were clapping and cheering,calling out Guy’s name”(Danticat 76). Afterwards he decides to jump off and commit suicide while everyone is shocked at what just happened. “A chorus of screams broke out among the workers…He crashed not far from where Lili and the boy were standing,his blood immediately soaking the landing spot.”(Danticat 76). It leaves the reader questioning why he would kill

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