A Wagner Matinee Analysis

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Growing up on a farm and growing up in the city are very different cultures. When one thinks about farm life, some think about the filth and all of the hard work that comes along with it, yet some think of all of the lessons learned and the tight knit community involved. On the other hand, while thinking about city life, some think about the pollution and the lack of community that it has, or thinking of the different cultures and amazing technology in a large city. In the story, “A Wagner Matinee,” author, Willa Cather uses imagery to help the reader imagine and feel what it must have been like to live in the two different lifestyles. With using figurative language, Cather is able to paint images in the readers’ minds about living amongst …show more content…
Through her use of imagery and vivid figurative language, Cather is able to reveal music’s ability and use it throughout the story to further prove her point. A prime example of this is when Georgiana was listening to the performance and “Her eyes were closed, but the tears were glistening on her cheeks” (Cather 522). Georgiana began to cry because she was remembering what an impact music had on her and how much she treasured it that feeling. Living on a farm did not give Georgiana very many occasions to go listen to music, but when she got the chance to visit Clark in Boston, she jumped on the opportunity to see a performance. When the concert had ended, and people started to leave, Aunt Georgiana began to cry and pleaded with Clark not to make her go home (Cather 523). Georgiana was begging Clark not to make her leave because she did not want to go back to reality and leave this magical experience. While reading this story, the reader is able to relate and truly connect with Georgiana in this sensational moment. Cather did an amazing job with describing this moment using imagery. She was able to portray a feeling like no other and establish a connection with the character. Having been on the farm for so long, Georgiana forgot the beauty and zealousness, or great enthusiasm, of music. After being able to experience that feeling, a light was turned on inside Georgiana. A light that made Georgiana not want to leave the symphony. Emotions are a wonderful gift and music can change our emotions or even add to them. Georgiana was so overwhelmed with emotions that were caused by the music that she was brought to tears and did not want to

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