A Visit Of Charity By Eudora Welty Essay

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Have you ever been in a nursing home? The facilities are typically bleak and nondescript. The staff always seems a little distant and distracted and the patients seem bored. If you ask the residents if they enjoy being there, the answer is almost emphatically, “No!” every time. The short story, “A Visit of Charity”, written by Eudora Welty discusses how today’s generation has become desensitized to the welfare of the elderly. Caring for elders and visiting them for proper reasons is the main idea in this story. Visits from children in nursing homes have merely become part of a to-do-list because they are busy with their own selfish needs. Staff members have become too structured and phony, and society as a whole is lacking sincerity.

Generally, both school and extracurricular clubs require some sort of community service hours spent in a nursing home. Although for positive intentions, this is causing children to dehumanize the elderly and view these visits as part of a checklist. When the young lady in Welty’s story, Marian, states to the nurse, “ ‘I’m a Campfire Girl… I have to pay a visit to some old ladies’ ” (Eudora Welty), she makes it clear that she has no desire to be there. Her visit is for a selfish reason; to get points for her Campfire Girl and the ladies in the nursing home are aware of this. After being asked if she is acquainted with any of the residents, Marian remarks, “ ‘No-but-that is, any of them will do’ ” (Welty). In saying this, Marian…

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