A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings Essay example

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There are a wide variety of practiced religions and faiths throughout the world. Some of which are based around praying to or believing in a God.There are people of high religious beliefs who claim to have seen an angel or have had a spiritual encounter with their God. But there are people in the world who disregard the existence of angels or even a God. In the story of “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”, the townsfolk believe to have an angel of God within their presence, though there no explanation that this is the case. It could be given that the main form of belief system in the story is that of the Catholic Faith. Gabriel Garcia Marquez uses religious elements to suggest that the townsfolk might believe that the mysterious old man with the wings who appeared is an angel from God.
Marquez states that the neighbor women to Pelayo and Elisenda believe the old man to be an angel. When Gabriel Garcia Marquez first describes the old man when he appears before Pelayo and Elisenda he describes “His huge buzzard wings, dirty and half-plucked, were forever entangled in the mud”(273). He is also said to have spoken in “a incomprehensible dialect with a strong sailors voice”(Marquez 273). This is a language that neither they nor the townsfolk or even Father Gonzaga understands. Within the descriptions of the strange man with the wings,

Brelsford 2 there is no indication that he is an angel when the neighbor women says to Pelayo and Elisenda “He’s an Angel” (Marquez 273). If…

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