Essay on A Vampire : What I Had Done?

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A Vampire: ?I Regret What I Had Done.?
Today, vampire is the hottest topic in novels, movies, and dramas around the world. Belief in vampires has existed for thousands of year in many different cultures around the world. In original folklore and mythology, the traditional vampires tend to be inhuman and have no soul. They are truly monstrosities. They feed human?s blood in the midnight and enjoy killing people. Today?s outlook on vampires is more positive. Some modern vampires are very human and beautiful creatures. They often drink animal blood. They also regret what their clan has done in the past. They do not want to harm human. For example, the best novel Twilight represents new perspectives on the vampires. Thought a novel, the vampire family are really nice. They do not feed on human blood. Edward Cullen, falls in love with a human, Bella and tries all his best to protect her. By capturing standpoints on the modern day vampire and the differences between traditional vampires and modern vampires, people should not judge that all vampires are are harmful. Instead, they should need to open to the idea a vampire is not evil, so thus, judging an individual based only on the history or the basic past before people even get to meet a person are unfair.
Vampires exist for thousands of years in mythology, so they have rich histories. History portrayed vampires that they are creepy and immortal. They are neither human being nor death. As ancient Greece, the stories told that…

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