A Utopian Society, Corruption, Crime, And Criminal Intent Essay

1535 Words Aug 23rd, 2014 7 Pages
In a Utopian society, corruption, crimes, and criminal intent is a societal non-factor, however, we do not live in a Utopian society. Our society is filled with crimes and criminal intent that is potentially harmful to the bystanding citizens of the world. Terrorist, murderers, rapists, human traffickers, and many more illegal actions pose a threat to the worlds citizens. On a global scale about 1.6 million people lose their life due to violent encounters with another human per year. This number though does not include people that have suffered major injury, trauma, or other serious side effect of such actions. These illegal and criminal actions that seem to plague society are targeted one act at a time by our nation, and other nations justice departments. In the FBI, criminal profilers work to identify the crime and then the type of people who fit the correct criterion for this specific event. Character traits, environmental factors, biological factors, and situational factors are all taken into account and analyzed closely. The question is, does criminal profiling provide and effective method for identifying criminals both pre and post crime, and is it beneficial towards society to profile certain types of people?
This first step to solve this posed question is to first understand why justice departments use criminal profiling. This strategy is implemented to understand the type of person that fits each crime. Each criminal acts in a different way and being able to…

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