A Typology Of Public Engagement Mechanisms Essays

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Gene Rowe and Lynn Frewer published an article entitled “A Typology of Public Engagement Mechanisms” in which they identify one of the major hindrances to public involvement is the convolution of many different terms regarding the process. They stated that the very existence of these different processes/techniques/instrument, which they dubbed mechanisms, imply uncertainty as to how to enact public involvement. They go through the arduous task of defining what public engagement is. Using the direction of information flow they distilled Public engagement down to three categories: public communication; public consultation; and public participation (see figure 1, Appendix A). In public communication and consultation, information only flows in one direction; one where the public is the recipient of information and the other where the public is the supplier of information. Only in public participation is there two way communication. In Figure 2, Rowe and Frewer present various terms found in literature for public engagement mechanisms with varying levels and forms of public engagement. There are more than one hundred terms listed and the list is not exhaustive. Using the three aspects of public engagement, they characterize what efficiency means in each instance. “Public communication: maximizing the relevant information from the sponsor and efficiently transferring it (with minimal information loss) to the maximum number of the relevant population, with the efficient processing…

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