Essay on A True Stereo Image Of The Acoustic Guitar

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For a true stereo image of the acoustic guitar, try XY stereo miking. Keep in mind that a lush sound, both wide and immersive, may only work for songs that are not busy with lots of other instruments. You will also need to be certain that you have the capsules of the two mics aligned perfectly in relation to their distance from the instrument. A small test wherein you change the alignment of the two capsules slightly will convince your ears of just how critical this is. You can cheat on this issue by using an On-Stage Stands BY500 stereo mic bar. These handy bars hold two mics on one mic stand. This will allow you to set the perfect XY alignment and then move the whole concoction around to find the optimal placement of the stereo group. As an alternative to precise alignment of two mics, you may want to consider just using a stereo mic. The Audio Technica 2022 is one such mic. You stick it on your stand and manipulate it like a single mic. Pretty simple, right?

Try a Blumlein pair. Alan Blumlein was an English engineer who had a total of 128 patents to his name. He died in a plane crash during WW2 while testing top secret radar technology. What good does this do us in the studio? Blumlein pioneered a “stereo” mic configuration using two mics set to the figure eight pickup pattern. These mics are arranged one of the top of the other with the capsules as close together as possible. They are also rotated to be at 90 degrees to each other. Aim this conglomeration at your…

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