Essay about A Tower Of Paulaner By A Classic Beverage Ordered

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“A tower of Paulaner”, a classic beverage ordered by every German before a plate of raw gulasch and a side dish of salzstangen. That is what Jürgen Klopp, manager of Liverpool ordered when we had our first dinner meet. “Don’t worry about the payment, you relax” he said with a calm tone, not that he was trying to be nice, rather he is just that kind of a guy. Just by looking at him you know you’ll have a good time as if he’s motto was, “No party without Klopp”. His wondrous and rare smile made you feel safe as if the world had just become a better place, all conflicts in the world had just stopped for a second and glared at his smile to create that glimmer of hope that peace does exist. And that is what Klopp had established in the people of Liverpool, the sense of hope and excitement that would light up the souls of everyone to live a life of never giving up. That is what I saw in him, in pictures or in person, and with all the failures and success I have had, the questions about life kept trying to burst my bubble of patience as I couldn’t even wait for him to sit and say, “Guten Tag my friend”.

“Ho – How, How?” I said with a jumpy voice and a jumpy body, readily sitting on my hard and cramped chair waiting to hear the first words come out of his mouth. A burst of laughter from Klopp just escaped as it was trapped there waiting for its release sentence, and well today was its day. He laughed and said, “First let me order my tower”, and continued to laugh as if it was a…

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