A Time Of Loss Of The Dark Ages Essay

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A Time of Loss

The Dark Ages deserves its name because during this time Europe lost its liberty,

literacy and life. Europe was on its way to growing into an advanced society, but with invasions

impacting the populace of Europe it’s growth was majorly stunted. These invasions made Europe

regress to a rudimentary society that based their way of living off of fear. During this time, many

people feared for their lives and reverted to a way of society that was beneficial for their

protection. They forgot how to live and knew only how to survive.

Due to all the incoming invasions, from groups such as the Vikings, people were fearful

of losing their lives.“In 410, the Visigoths burst into Rome. For the first time in nearly 800 years

of domination, Rome had been vanquished by an enemy.“ (Proenza 1) The Vikings came

in and pillaged everything, they took the once great Roman Empire and reduced it to nothing.

Fearing invasions people resorted to feudalism, they lived in communities called manors under

a Lord that offered them protection. People like knights were paid to fight for the lord while serfs

would maintain the lord 's land, it seemed like the safest way to life at the time. The problem

with it was that they could never improve their status, they were forced by fear into an ongoing

cycle. With everyone fearing for their lives people lost the finer things in life like art and

literacy. “In the Middle Ages, peasants faced many hardships. They…

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