A Thousand Splendid Suns By Khaled Hosseini Essay

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In the novel a thousand splendid suns by Khaled Hosseini, the two main female figures of the novel show true heroine characteristics. However, while Laila shows the ability to endure, bypass a conflict of conscience and caring attitude, Mariam ultimately prove that she is the one who really developed deeply heroine characteristics.

Through their lives both Mariam and Laila show their ability to endure the suffering and the ability to go on with their lives after enormous amounts of anguish. Rasheed giving Laila’s daughter to the orphanage make Laila suffer, as Aziza is a symbol of the feelings she and Tariq once had, seeing her daughter go away only brings a deep sadness to Laila’s heart. As they are in the orphanage Laila began to cry saying “What kind of mother abandons her own child?” (Hosseini 318). This event helps developing the heroine character of Laila as it shows that Laila has to sustain the suffering of her daughter going away, her daughter is like a flesh that was taken alive from Laila and she must bear the pain. The ability to keep your pain private and go on with it are all part of a heroine characteristics and that all helps to develop it. Laila’s ability to endure does not end here, as she suffers the consequences for going to the orphanage alone. Laila keeps going to see her daughter, although every time she went to the orphanage she was severely beaten by the Taliban. As one talib once said to her “I see you again, I’ll beat you until your mother’s…

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