A Tale Of Two Cities That Dickens Dislikes France And The People Of France

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Physical characteristics: It is evident throughout A Tale of Two Cities that Dickens dislikes France and the people of France. Due to this, it would make sense that Madam Defarge 's physical appearance is meant to be hideous to represent this. Not only that, but she is meant to be the complete opposite of Lucie. Wife of Mr. Defarge, "Madam Defarge was a stout woman of about [Mister Defarge’s] own age, with a watchful eye that seldom seemed to look at anything, a large hand. . .a steady face, strong features. . ."(Dickens 35).Madam Defarge was vaguely being compared to a man(this will be seen through her other mannerisms throughout the novel). This was done intentionally to make the reader dislike her(because powerful, butch women are apparently all evil and bad). This is also seen when she laid her knitting down "to pick her teeth with a toothpick"(Dickens 35). Hygiene was a private thing! It was considered disgraceful to do such things in public! Also, this shows Madam Defarge exhibiting male mannerisms again. Madam Defarge is also extremely confident for someone of the female gender, and it is even said that"Madam Defarge, from which might have predicted that she did not often make mistakes[against herself]. . ."(Dickens 35). Dickens is saying she doesn 't make mistakes is a bit conceited(also, this foreshadows her fate later in the novel when she fights Miss Pross). It is also shown that Madam Defarge was meant to be perceived as evil through her dark…

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