A Tale Of Two Cities By Charles Dickens Essay

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Novel Review

1. The A Tale of Two Cities title is significant because it is a story about two cities which are London and Paris.

2. Biographical information and Significance to the work-
· Charles Dickens lived in London which is one of the cities in the book
· Working in The Frozen Deep, he ended up coming up with the main idea of the story
· The character, Sydney Carton, resembles the character Dickens played in The Frozen Deep which is Richard Wardour
· Lucie Manette was inspired by his lover Ellen Ternan’s character in The Frozen Deep which is also named Lucy.

3. Important Events-
· Dr. Manette was thrown in prison in the North Tower at the Bastille
· Charles Darnay revealing his true identity to Dr. Manette
· Lucie Manette and Charles Darnay marrying
· The killing of Marquis Evremonde
· Ms. Pross killing Madame Defarge
· Killing of the prisoners everyday
· Peasants storming into the Bastille and letting out the prisoners and killing all government officials
· Darney getting arrested for being an Evremond twice
· Sydney Carton sacrificing himself for Lucie Manette’s happiness 4. One of the cities in the book is Paris which is where everything starts and ends. Also the French Revolution takes place in Paris, France. A lot of the events that occur in the book are equivalent to real life events. For examples, the guillotine was an actual object in which they used…

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