Essay about A Tale Of Custard The Dragon

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In A Tale of Custard the Dragon, written by Ogden Nash, a little girl named Belinda had four very little pets to call her own, which included a kitten, mouse, dog and a dragon. Of these four pets, three of them are portrayed by the author to be incredibly brave and heroic; but, the last one was said to be a coward, and it was none other than Custard the Dragon. As the story progresses, the reader soon learns that there has been an intrusion by a pirate, and Melinda and all of the pets became terrified of the intruder. Then, even with all the brave pets in the house, Custard stood up tall and consumed the pirate. After Custard’s heroic scene, the other three pets made excuses such as, “I 'd been twice as brave if I hadn 't been flustered” (Nash 14). Often individuals will act or depict themselves to be a certain way to please public eye, but then change themselves and their views in a difficult situation, revealing weak morality. In the play Antigone, Sophocles uses harsh tone, contradictory diction, and repetition to convey that individuals who continually change their morals to the opposing view have a weak morality and are cowards.
Through the use of harsh tone, Sophocles reveals Ismene’s viewpoint on burying her brother and why she decided not to, and how she reveals her real views when in a difficult situation. For example, when Antigone tells Ismene that she plans on burying her brother, Ismene responds, “How could you dare, when Creon has expressly forbidden it?”…

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