A Eat To Hollier Analysis

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Eric Haynes
Essay Selection #2 " A LOT YOU GOT TO HOLLER, by Nelson Algren, is about a boy named Augie ten year period life with his very abusive father. Augie is the main character in the story . At the age of eight ,Augie life starts to go downhill because his mom is thrown out his house by his abusive father, and he never sees her again. Augie starts to search for her ,but in the process of searching there are several things that happen to Augie. His abusive father would beat him almost every day because he dislike Augie or the old man felt Augie did something wrong. This effects his life because he starts to do bad things searching for his mother. Augie and his father's relationship is not wholesome at all. They were more like enemies. The purpose of this essay is to explain Augie's bad relationship with his father from a young child to a teenager. First, Augie relationship with his dad as a child was mostly abuse. After his old man kicked out his mom, Augie
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The old man started to tell Augie about what really happen to his mother just to see Augie suffer. For example, his old man told him his mother was decease when he was about 16 so he could get some satisfaction out of it but, Augie showed a positive reaction. The positive reaction Augie showed had a reaction of no pain because he knew if he did the old man would have been beaming. The old man realized it wasn't affection him so he told Augie his aunt was his mom, but, Augie once again didn't show no emotional because he been knew when he was eight. Augie told his old man that he wasn't his old man so he could make the old man feel bad because he tried to make Augie feel bad. Their relationship was to the point where they couldn't even stay in the same house without arguing it became violent and verbally offensive. When Augie stated he wasn't his old man , the old man became very mad and told ''Augie to get

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