A Synthesis Of The Problem Of Cultural Appropriation Essay

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A Synthesis of the Problem of Cultural Appropriation To this day, many Americans will consider racial slurs a form of disrespect toward people of their respective ethnicities. In contrast, one will often disregard the preceding proposition when it comes to general use of the culture of a specific ethnicity that he does not belong to. Furthermore, this proposition will receive a similar degree of neglect when it comes to the misuse of a culture in sports. Although many possibilities come to light in favor of the justification of the use of Native American culture in sports, misapplication of a concept can bring many negative implications to light. Some of the implications that arise when sports teams use symbols of the Native American identity as team names and mascots include great disregard toward the subject culture and misplaced entertainment preference. One can imply that a great disregard for Native Americans plays a very significant role in the misuse of the Native American identity in sports. Cultural appropriation, according to the Oxford American dictionary, means “the taking over of creative or artistic forms, themes, or practices by one cultural group from another.” When considering Native Americans, many US citizens lose sight of the fact that these people still exist within the borders of the US. In addition, the images and traditions of the Native American slowly diminish from significant pieces of the origin of America into mere concepts to associate with…

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