A Sustainable Number Of Persons On The Earth Essays

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What is a sustainable number of persons on the Earth? What basic human rights should be ensured to every man, woman, and child, and how can these rights be ensured without a redistribution of wealth? Currently there are more than 6 billion people living in the world and this number is expected to double in a short period of time. Many researchers and theorists feel that the world does not have a carrying capacity for this amount of people. Overpopulation is a major issue that people are facing around the world and it is causing problems for the later generations, like huger and poverty. In the near future the need for land will increase greatly to expand cities. By the year 2015 the planet will contain an estimated 23 “megacities” which are cities that contain at least 10 million residents.(Kott 2) The numbers of megacities will have to increase to hold the massive amounts of new residents in the upcoming years. The demand for space is starting to become a problem for cities around the world. The FAO estimates that by 2020, 135 million people may lose their land as a result of soil degradation.(Weiss 2) As the demand for space increases the demand for resources increase and to get some of those resources you need soil. Scientist are looking for an alternative but for right now thats a serous issue for land owners. While the population is increasing the amount of resources is staying the same. The environment is unable to support the numbers of organisms in a…

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