Essay on A Survey Report On The United States

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A survey conducted in 2013 by the U.S. Census Bureau showed that about 13% of our massive 316 million U.S. resident population are foreign-born and have immigrated here from a different country. That’s roughly 1 in every 7 people, so it’s needless to say that America makes up the world’s most diverse ethnic stew. Everywhere from the hot and sunny lands of Mexico to the humid and rainy Japan, the free and opportunistic culture of the United States is a land that attracts families from all around the world, leaving its golden gates open to those who wish to thrive in the fantastic life ahead of them. Many believe that these incoming families, primarily those who produce the income, provide an extraordinary boost to our economy and pave the way for a blooming America. It is difficult to justify that immigrant families have had a negative impact of the path of our economy over the the past decade, as they play a considerable role. However, when is it the appropriate time to attach the padlock and latch our golden gates connecting to the outside world? The phenomena of foreign immigration has become of huge priority to the U.S. legislation, posing challenges of who to permit and who to prohibit. The exponentially growing number of immigrants, primarily including those from Mexico and Central America, has escalated to the point of becoming detrimental to the overall effectiveness of the U.S. economic and social world. Many aspects of this must be considered before any moves are…

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