Brutus Relationship In Julius Caesar Act 4

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In Julius Caesar Act 4, Scene 2, Brutus and his friend Lucilius met Pindarus and Titinius, two of his mutual friends. They bring him word that Cassius is approaching and Brutus says that
Cassius has engaged in some shady business that makes Brutus wish that they should have never killed Caesar. Lucilius then admits that Cassius wasn’t his usual friendly self and Brutus takes this like their friendship is falling apart. Cassius’s army will stay in Sardis (modern day Turkey) for the night and the cavalry will arrive with Cassius in the morning. When Cassius arrives, he announces that Brutus has done him wrong. Brutus is shocked and the two are about to have a fight. However, they decide to do it privately, that way the troops won’t know that
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Octavius and Antony decide to mock Brutus before the battle in order to make Brutus lose focus. In Act 5,
Scene 5, Antony and Octavius already know that they’ve won the war, even before they find
Brutus’s body. Later that night, Octavius and his friends will be celebrating the death of Brutus,
Cassius, and Julius Caesar and the victory of conquering Rome. The fate of Antony in Julius Caesar will also be victory over Brutus and Cassius. Just like how
Brutus and Cassius’s fates were similar, Antony and Octavius’s fates are also similar. In Act 5,
Scene 5, after Antony and Octavius find Caesar’s body, Antony decides to give a speech over
Brutus’s body. During his speech, Antony says that Brutus was a very noble man and was the only conspirator who killed Caesar for the good of Rome and not just out of envy. After the speech, Antony and Octavius agree to take Brutus’s body to their tent for the night, which will befit a dead soldier. This will be all of the fates of Brutus, Cassius, Octavius, and Antony in
Julius Caesar. As you read, you will notice that both Brutus/Cassius and Octavius/Antony have the exact same

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