A Summary Of Aritomo Proposing To Tattoo Yun Ling

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Aritomo proposing to tattoo Yun Ling/ In comparison to Duffys "art"
There are antagonistic undertones of using "needles as Aritomo 's primary apparatus to transact Yun Ling 's horimono, convenes the wider conflicts of antithesizing ideologies and motif 's presiding throughout the novel. Yun Ling 's angst and apprehension of the discomfort the needles will possibly inflict, is reassured by Aritomo 's analogy of likening the needle to that of a Paintbrush ("I will paint you"), he has therefore created positive associations such as creativity and subtleness with that of the process of horimono. Yet there still is a pristine, aesculapian, healing perception resonating within the context of the needles (commonly used during medical procedures),
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The profound concept of a "chiselled kiss" presents the notion that something as natural as a kiss needs to be crafted delicately, thus implying the relationship between the art (natural)and person is not harmonious. Duffy furthermore develops this idea by describing the kiss and union between her and the beloved as "marble", for which 's connotations are those of opulence, sophistication and archaic art, suggesting that the kiss was abiding experience for which to be adored. Yet for what it is worth, marble is but a "cold/mute" stone, having a sombre, austereness, this dispassionate permanence may possibly represent the death of a once sensual …show more content…
Tan Twan Eng also diverges into Yun Ling 's fear of loss, both of her sister and also the loss of her memory due to primary progressive aphasia (perhaps this is worse for Yun, as this also represents losing the memory of her sister) as a frame of narrative. This frame is represented in the motif of Mnemosyne and her innominate twin sister (Sharing parallels between Yun ling and Yun Hong), in the penultimate chapter, Yun Ling is Unsettled by the erosion of the "nameless" sisters face, paralleling the fear loss of her own sisters face from

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