A Study On Water Quality Essay

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In our investigation we found out that for most of our measured variables, the stream water quality diminished the further we got away from the source (the mountain).
Water quality is defined in terms of the chemical, physical and biological content of water. There are multiple measures that constitute good water quality which is why we measured 7 different variables.
The results we got for Aquatic macroinvertebrates index is vital evidence that the water quality decreased. We found only one 2 at site 1, ten 2’s at site 2 and twenty five 2’s at site 3 which is an example of the water quality decreasing the further away we got from the source, as this means that not as many freshwater macroinvertebrates could live in site 2 and 3 as they could in site 1. (Site 1-excellent water quality, site 2-very good water quality, site 3-fair water quality).
Another example of how the water quality changed was the conductivity, in which it increased quite significantly between site 1 and 3 (increased by more than 4 times the amount-40 compared to 168) which shows that by the time we got to site 3, the stream had a higher ionic strength with more chemicals and nutrients from factors such as runoff or farming.

Things that would have affected stream water quality are runoff, farming and human impact such as littering.
Runoff effects sedimentation of the streambed by increasing the amount of suspended sediments, which therefore can make the water more turbid (by increasing the…

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