A Study On The Obesity Epidemic Essay examples

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As the obesity epidemic continues to be the focus of many research studies some are beginning to blame colleges and universities for the steady increase in college student obesity (Nicklas, Baranowski, Cullen, and Berensosn, 2001; Huang, Harris, Lee, Nazir, Born, and Kaur, 2003; Brown, Dresen, and Eggett 2005; Nelson, Gortmaker, Subramanian, Cheung, and Wechsler, 2007; Blankenau, 2009). Many argue that neither blame nor responsibility should be placed on the institution of higher education. Students are entering college overweight and obese. They are also entering higher education at a critical time in their lives were they seek growth and development in all aspects of their lives. Students are given the opportunity to develop their own healthy lifestyles—if they choose to. These factors, student history and student choice, are two prime reasons why many believe that colleges and universities should not be obligated to fund mores support for the increased number of students struggling with obesity. Nicklas, et. al. (2001) completed a study in hopes to find significant factors of childhood and adolescent obesity. Their study revealed that youth in America are raised in a culture that devalues physical activity and nutrition. In general children are fed diets high in carbohydrates, fat, and sugar. Society has also deemphasized physical education programs, after school programs and physical activity at home while emphasizing television programing, sedentary learning and…

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