A Study On The Makeup Of The Group The Child Essay

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strength depending on the makeup of the group the child was playing with, overall the findings were consistent with other research. For example, in a study done by Halim, Ruble, Tamis-LeMonda, and Shrout with children from ethnic minorities, they discovered that the children from the Mexican American group were gender-typed in their behaviors (2013). One reason these rates of gender-typed play may have persisted in Mexican children is because Hispanic families tend to be more traditional when it comes to gender roles, which means their children are socialized in more gender-typical ways (Fabes, et al., 2003). These results show no difference from what was seen in the European American sample, and the play patterns do persist from what was seen in the sample of 2 year olds (Zosuls, et al., 2014).
Something to reference in Article 1 when writing this section: “…had demonstrated that) children’s play in Mexico was deeply divided by gender. Girls were allowed less independence. They enjoyed fewer opportunities to engage in cognitively challenging tasks. And they felt a greater level of threat when they engaged in unsupervised play. In Mexican culture, the ideas surrounding masculine behavior dictate that boys engage in active assertive play and that girls practice their role as mothers and homemakers” Article 1
Dominican American Dominican American children around age two also showed gender-typed play patterns (Zosules, et al. 2014). Halim et al., in their multi-ethnic research…

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