Essay about A Study On The Classroom

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Group Essay In Composition 2, Professor Joan Henry gave her class the assignment to break up into groups. Once they got into these groups, they were instructed to write an essay about their group members. The assignment is to talk about the hobbies, achievements, and goals of this group’s members; Drake, Brandy, Courtney, and Robert. The first person that will be talked about is Drake. He is 19 years old and he graduated from Lake Hamilton. He has quite a bit of interesting hobbies. A couple of them are hunting and fishing. He likes to hunt just about anything that walks. For example, he likes to hunt deer, bear, raccoon, and so on. Also, he likes to hunt duck whenever he can. Naturally, he likes to fish anything that swims, like bass or catfish. He has many varied accomplishments too. He graduated high school, and he was the first in his family to do so. He was also ranked 14th of 11th graders worldwide in fishing competitions. He used to fish in tournaments on the Fountain Lake Bass team, but now his fishes in tournaments on his own. His goals are pretty straight forward. He wants to graduate college with acceptable grades. Grades of at least a C in all of his classes. He also wants to get a few fishing records. He wants the record of catching the biggest fish in the world, and he also wants to be the best fisherman in the world. Like Drake, Brandy is also very interesting. She is 18 years old and, like Drake, she also graduated from Lake Hamilton.…

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