A Study On Rape Trauma Syndrome Essays

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1. Develop at least 2 complete nursing diagnoses related to client’s history.
Rape-Trauma Syndrome related to forced sexual penetration as evidenced by shame, fear, and helplessness. (610)
Risk for Post Trauma Syndrome related to inadequate social support. (594)
Stress Overload related to chronic illness as evidenced by reports of difficulty in functioning. (768)
Risk for ineffective activity planning related to insufficient support systems. (49)
2. Identify the components included in a client’s health history.
Biographic Data-The client’s demographic data, should include the name, address, age, sex, marital status, occupation, religion, health care financing, and their primary care provider.
Chief Complaint-The reason for the visit should be obtained and documented in the client’s own words.
History of Present Illness-Find out when the symptoms started and how did they occur such as suddenly or gradually. Determine the intensity of the pain. Have the client to describe the quality of symptoms, such as sputum, vomit, or discharge; by asking the color and quality such as watery, thick, or bloody. Determine if any other symptoms are associated with the problem. Also, ask if there is anything that makes the problem better or worse.
Past Medical History- Document all significant illness, as well as, immunization including the date of last tetanus. Find out if the client has allergies to medication, food, animals, insects, or environmental agents. In addition, previous…

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