Essay about A Study On Psychological Disorders

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Unit Test
A.) Susan is a 40 year old mother of one child. A couple months ago, Susan was playing outside with her youngest daughter when she went inside for two minutes to gather their afternoon snack; leaving her daughter outside all by herself. As Susan walked down the steps from the house, she saw her daughter’s ball in the street and her daughter running to get it. All of a sudden, a car came barreling around the corner and Susan could not do anything as the car smashed into her daughter. After that day, Susan began having flashbacks of her daughter’s death. She has begun associating her surviving daughter with the incident and as a result has become increasingly distant with her. Susan barely talks to her husband when he tries to talk to her about their daughter’s death. Susan has also been having trouble sleeping and will even lash out at her husband or daughter. (PTSD)
King, L. A. (2010). psychological disorders. In experience psychology (pp. 421). New York: Mcgraw-Hill.
B.) Harriet is a senior in high school and she is very critical of her body. She has taken to criticizing small details of her body, like the excess skin on her knees or her cheeks that she calls chubby. Harriet will spend hours in front of her full length mirror rubbing and pinching her body. She constantly thinks about her body and her imperfections. Harriet often researches surgeries that she can get in order to fix the parts of her body that she is not happy with. Her obsession with perfection…

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